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Smart business cards are indeed sustainable and efficient. By eliminating the need for paper cards and enabling digital exchange, they reduce waste and promote eco-friendliness. Moreover, they offer convenient and dynamic ways to share and update contact information, making networking more effective and streamlined.

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JCTODAY is a web development and marketing solutions company that has been in business since 2000. They are recognized as a leader in their field, providing innovative and effective solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, JCTODAY is now introducing their new Smart Business Card.

This new offering combines the latest sustainable and efficient business tools with JCTODAY's expertise in web development and marketing. The Smart Business Card is designed to help business professionals enhance their presentation and effectively deliver their message to clients in a proper way.

By utilizing digital technology, the Smart Business Card eliminates the need for traditional paper business cards, reducing waste and providing a more environmentally friendly solution. It also offers customization options, allowing businesses to showcase their branding and create a unique and memorable experience for clients.

Want a Smart Business Card for your Business or Team?

Create digital business cards for your whole team.

Control your brand experience.

Integrate with your existing CRM and internal directory.

Highly secure contact sharing.

Cut your carbon footprint effortlessly.

Grow your network and your business with Smart Business Card.

The professional way to connect

Not just for in-person meetings, but also for online networking and virtual events.

Compatible with all modern smartphones, Apple and Android.

Upgrade your networking with My Smart Business Card today.

Ready when you are

Get your smart card ready in 3 working days.

Easily create digital business cards

Share your cards with anyone

Manage your contacts seamlessly

Turn paper cards into digital contacts

Smart business card demo

Let us share with you a sample of the digital smart card to demonstrate its features and functionality. This will help you better understand how it can benefit you in various situations.

Make a great first impression

A digital business card, or Smart Business Card, is a modern and innovative alternative to traditional paper business cards. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, digital business cards offer a safe and contactless way to exchange information with customers, colleagues, and partners.

In addition to being COVID-safe, digital business cards are also secure and environmentally friendly. They eliminate the need for printing and reduce paper waste, making them a sustainable choice for businesses. Digital business cards also offer added efficiency by allowing recipients to quickly and easily save contact information directly to their mobile devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Share your contact details easily: A digital business card is the quickest and easiest way to share your professional identity.
Your card is always with you: It can be added to your smartphone watch or your widgets screen to ensure it goes wherever you and your device goes, no need to carry paper cards anymore.
Works every time: Those who receive your card don’t need the Smart Business Card app to get your contact details.
Always stay up-to-date: If you change your contact information on your QR code business card, those who have your card will see your updated information.

Smart Business Card offers NFC or ‘Near Fields Communication’ business cards for you and your team. NFC cards have a chip embedded in each card that can be synced with your Smart Business Card digital business card.
When you want to share your details, simply tap the card on the user's compatible smartphone which will bring up a link containing your Smart Business Card card, it really is like magic. You can purchase NFC cards via our app or our website today. Alternatively, if you already have an NFC card made by another company, you can encode it with your Smart Business Card card by encoding your Smart Business Card card link onto it.

Smart Business Card cards are designed to be shared the way that works best for you. Recipients don’t have to have the Smart Business Card app to receive your card or share their details with you.
When you meet face to face, your recipient can scan your digital business card’s QR code or smartphone widget. You can also download your unique QR code and add it to your website, brochures, billboards, the contact section of your website, wherever you like!
Or you can choose to share via, text, email, your cards url link, NFC cards or even with your Apple Watch.

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